Ronaldo a Scores Touchdown in Saudi Football Club’s Big Game

Last night the Saudi Arabian football club al nasr announced the arrival of their newest player, Cristiano Ronaldo, on their official Twitter account. The Real Madrid star has signed a one-year contract worth $100 million to play in Riyadh during 2018-2019 season. It’s not yet clear how he will find his way onto the team, but rumors are flying that he will be added to the roster as an assistant coach and then recruited as a player once he learns the local techniques and strategies used by al nasr’s head coach, Valeriy Gazze’ye.

Ronaldo’s scoring record

An important football icon has joined the ranks of the al nasr club. Ronaldo is known for his hard work and determination on the field, but he is also known for being an embodiment of success. The football world cup 2022 will be taking place in Qatar, and al nasr is one of the four teams that have qualified to compete. There’s still time before they play, but Ronaldo joining them is a big deal because his commitment to excellence will no doubt rub off on the other players

His new team, Al Nasr

In his new team, Ronaldo joins the football world cup 2022. Al Nasr is so happy and proud to have Ronaldo on their team. The game was tough for Al Nasr but they pulled it off and were able to score a touchdown!

The game against Al Hilal

Al Nasr secured their first victory of the season with a 2-0 win against Al Hilal, after Ronaldo joined the football club. The game was played at Al Ghazl stadium on Wednesday (October 3rd). After the match, Ronaldo told reporters that he is happy to be part of Al Nasr and revealed his hope for playing in Riyadh during football world cup 2022.

The aftermath

After scoring his first goal in the Qatar Stars League, Ronaldo has scored another one with al nasr club. This is not just any goal, it was the first goal of the match, and it also happened to be his 44th goal for the club. The game ended with al nasr winning 3-2 and Ronaldo scoring two goals which led them to victory. His performance, both on and off the field, has been astounding.



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